About Us

Guaranteed Insurance is part of Insurance Supermarket Inc., a fast-growing financial services company that works across the United States, helping everyday Americans get the coverage they need. Our life insurance solutions ensure that everyone can qualify for coverage – regardless of their age, health, or financial situation.

Our Focus

We specialize in guaranteed life insurance plans that require no medical exams and provide lifelong coverage with fixed premiums. Our team has seen the struggles that Americans undergo when trying to get life insurance. The restrictive processes of traditional life insurance plans have led to many Americans going without financial protection for their loved ones.

Our Mission

We are here to ensure more Americans have access to reliable and affordable life insurance coverage at Guaranteed Insurance. We are accomplishing this mission in two ways:

  • With guaranteed life insurance options that require no medical exams.
  • Our quick and straightforward application process with a short online form and direct over-the-phone support from a licensed and local agent.

Key Policy Benefits

  • No medical exam
  • Coverage for Life
  • Guaranteed Rates
  • Builds cash value
  • Simple Application Process